Class Notes--General Information

NASC 401 Class Notes–General Information


Here's what I would like to do. The link below leads to a page with a list of links to wiki pages for each upcoming class period. Each of you have been assigned to start the wiki for a particular class period.


If it is your day to start the wiki, here is what you need to do, as a minimum:



If it is not your day to start the wiki, you will know when the new page has been started when you receive an RSS feed notifying you that it has been edited. Go to the newly created page and edit it, correcting and adding where necessary. Not everyone keeps notes in the same way or writes down the same thing, so don't be afraid to add important points. Add additional material from the readings, primary sources, and links that expand on the material already there.


A sample summary for the August 28th class is here. Feel free to edit it as much as you like.


Your reasons for changes should go in the "Comments" page, which should contain all discussion of what the main page should contain. For example, questions directed to classmates belong on the Comments page. The main page should be essentially an "objective" summary, meaning what you as a class have agreed upon about the material for the day.


You may also post images if you wish, provided they are small. There is a 10MB limit on uploaded files for this account.


In order for this to work, all of this must be done by the next class period, so I can make adjustments and announcements as necessary.



Please do not delete pages, or past versions of pages.


Please do not edit this page!


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